Replacement Feeding Tube

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This product is a catheter to be placed in the stomach to supplement medications, nutrients, food and drinks or for decompression through gastric stoma in patients unable to take oral nutrition.

• Medical grade silicone.
• Flat tip inflatable silicone balloon designed for patient safety
• 90 ° fixing ring ensuring patient comfort.
• Available in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 24 Fr.
• Radiopaque line along the tube • The only balloon with a flat distal tip that was developed for easy insertion and removal. When placed, the shape of the tube reduces the risk of ulcer.
• The 90 ° retaining ring allows an anatomical position of the probe for complete patient comfort.


Reference Diameter (Fr)
GP-0524ZFB 24Fr
GP-0520ZFB 20Fr
GP-0518ZFB 18Fr
GP-0516ZFB 16Fr
GP-0314ZFB 14Fr
GP-02124ZFB 12Fr