Button Replacement Feeding Tube

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The Button replacement probe is a Low Profile device to replace the Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (GEP) or the gastrostomy probe. It has an internal balloon to be filled with water that will be leaning against the stomach wall. The other outer portion will be against the skin.


• Radiopaque tube line.
• Connection tube offered with 90 ° and straight connector for easy infusion of semi solid nutritional preparation.
• Luer-lock system for easy connection to the tube.


Reference* Size Effective length Balloon volume
GPB-244520 24Fr 45mm 20ml
GBP-244020 24Fr 40mm 20ml
GPB-243520 24Fr 35mm 20ml
GPB-243020 24Fr 30mm 20ml
GPB-242520 24Fr 25mm 20ml
GPB-242020 24Fr 20mm 20ml
GBP-204520 20Fr 45mm 20ml
GPB-204020 20Fr 40mm 20ml
GPB-203520 20Fr 35mm 20ml
GPB-203020 20Fr 30mm 20ml
GPB-202520 20Fr 25mm 20ml
GPB-202020 20Fr 20mm 20ml
GBP-184515 18Fr 45mm 15ml
GPB-184015 18Fr 40mm 15ml
GPB-183515 18Fr 35mm 15ml
GPB-183015 18Fr 30mm 15ml
GPB-182515 18Fr 25mm 15ml
GPB-182015 18Fr 20mm 15ml
GBP-164515 16Fr 45mm 15ml
GPB-164015 16Fr 40mm 15ml
GPB-163515 16Fr 35mm 15ml
GPB-163015 16Fr 30mm 15ml
GPB-162515 16Fr 25mm 15ml
GPB-162015 16Fr 20mm 15ml
GBP-144510 14Fr 45mm 10ml
GPB-144010 14Fr 40mm 10ml
GPB-143510 14Fr 35mm 10ml
GPB-143010 14Fr 30mm 10ml
GPB-142510 14Fr 25mm 10ml
GPB-142010 14Fr 20mm 10ml